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‘One-Punch Man’ Season 2 Premiere Recap with Spoilers

'One-Punch Man' Season 2 Premiere Recap with Spoilers

‘One-Punch Man’ Season 2 Premiere Recap with Spoilers

One-Punch Man season two is here, and the premiere has gone live for fans in the U.S. Thanks to Hulu, “Return of a Hero” is out, and ComicBook.com has got your recap for all things Saitama below. So, be warned! There are MASSIVE spoilers One-Punch Man season two below, so read on at your own risk!

The episode begins with Genos and Saitama walking down the street. Saitama gets distracted when he sees a toy, and Genos says he can get his master one. In the background, a hooded figure wearing a ‘K’ baseball cap is shown.

A villain shows up who is a reptile. Tongue Stretcher shows up to eat a girl. The hooded figure stops the villain, and it turns out they are a hero named King. He is a legend.

The crowd cheers for King, and the villain apologizes. The hero was just out shopping and it very fed up with the spectacle of everyone cheering. He went to buy a cutesy video game, and he is announced to be a S-Rank hero.

Genos and Saitama wonder about King’s presence, and they are interrupted by a villain. G4 shows up to challenge King, and they are determined to kill King.

King’s engine power was released, and he learns the baddie was built by The Organization. King says he has to use the bathroom first lest he be weakened, and Genos analyzes G4. He says the baddie is a Demon level threat and likely more powerful than him.

King panics. He is scared and not strong. He is really an otaku loser who happens to have gained his reputation on accident. He is not really a Class S hero.

Genos fights G4 instead. King runs away. Saitama watches from the side, but Genos is okay with the lack of assistance.

Saitama breaks into King’s apartment. They talk about games. Genos continues to fight G4 and takes out his big body. The villain then reveals his true smaller body while Saitama and King game.

A new bird villain shows up and flies into King’s apartment. Saitama stops the monster, and King is rather scared. Back with Genos and G4, the fight continues.

It turns out King has been at the sight of all of One-Punch Man’s battles. They believe he is the one who beat them rather than Saitama.

Saitama takes out the bird with one punch. King realizes One-Punch Man is Saitama, but he did not recognize him without hair. King begins to cry and apologizes to his savior.

Saitama tells King he can just get stronger. Genos is seen meeting with his doctor, and the cyborg asks to be upgraded with the villain’s parts. The doctor warns Genos not to take things too far. Genos admits he has heard nothing about the cyborg who killed his family, and the doctor is worried the man will act rash around the killer.

Sitch leads an emergency meeting where villains are brought in. This is not a trap according to him, and slew of high-rank heroes are shown. Three Class A heroes are seen in focus, but the villains want to know where Saitama is. A man interrupts the meeting to spoil the meeting.

A prophecy says the world will be hit with a massive catastrophy in a few months. The heroes want the villains to help them out because Class S heroes, and it turns out the interrupter was Speed-o-Sound Sonic. He leaves, and then Hellish Blizzard is shown meeting with her men about Saitama. Both characters want to know the secret behind One-Punch Man’s strength.

Saitama ends the episode with King. They are playing a co-op game, and Saitama accidentally breaks the controller when he gets mad.

The preview shows Garou from the back. He says the prophecy is sweet.

So, how did you like this premiere? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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