This is one of Dusty Hills thank you for the memories 1949 2021 shirt .Heard this song i’ll reminiscing the past events during college days that im a member of a rock band. Had a recent family friend pass away, poor woman never deserved what she went through but god she loved gunners, it’s amazing how music can remind you of someone, rest easy my good friend Dianne. Some how this classic one song gotten ruined by this band.i heard it the cover version and i really wished that guns  roses would not re-recorded of it. Bob Dylan record it and his version in one of a kind.really classic. Different. The right music at the right time. Raw, powerful,and full of rage. Fueled by anger, paved way to a rebelious and mesmerizing performance with a lot of brains and talent as well on stage. One of the best and the greatest of all time.