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Sienna Miller’s Bundled-Up Look Is a Major Winter Mood

Sienna Miller’s Bundled-Up Look Is a Major Winter Mood

The weather in Manhattan right now, as I write this, is capital-F frigid. It’s cold enough to make you risk it all and move to the West Coast; or, at the very least, cancel any post-work plans in favor of hibernating at home (hi, Netflix). And dressing for such an arctic freeze is equally as uninspiring. Suddenly, all of your tailored coats from fall seem too thin and unappealing; that hideous (but warm) parka, meanwhile, has never looked so good. But leave it to a stylish trendsetter such as actress Sienna Miller to show that wearing layers upon layers can still look cool—meaning there’s no excuse to walk around this season looking like the giant marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.

Today in New York City, Miller bundled up in a winter-ready look that’s a major mood for the long, dreary months ahead. You may be frozen and miserable, but your fashion doesn’t have to be! She began with an unexpected coat: an oversized shearling hoodie that’s equal parts trendy and practical. She then paired it with hefty wool trousers that were baggy in fit (perhaps there’s some Uniqlo Heattech hidden under there), chunky combat boots, and a wool hat. Cleverly, the star also carried around a burgundy leather tote by Frame that was roomy enough to stuff in any other warm essentials, such as scarves and gloves. Because let’s be real: you’ll need gloves to use your phone without getting frostbite.

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