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Brad Pitt Proves That Fedoras Can Actually Be Hot

Brad Pitt Proves That Fedoras Can Actually Be Hot

The fedora is one of menswear’s trickiest chapeaus to pull off. Its name is derived from the Greek word theodoros, which means “gift of God.” These days though, that felted, wide-brimmed style has fallen from grace. Where it once appeared on 1940s film noire characters, and on dapper stars such as Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra, the fedora is now known as the hat for douchebags, relegated to fashion’s scrap heap. Or has it? Yesterday, Brad Pitt made an appearance at the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere in Mexico City and rocked the controversial topper with tons of flair.

Ever the dashing Hollywood A-lister, Pitt wore a dark sandy suit with a beige polo sweater underneath. He continued the outfit’s neutral aesthetic with distressed desert boots. But it was his raffia fedora that indeed stole the show. With thin black piping around the rim, it was a discreet—and key word: tasteful—interpretation of the hat. The actor demonstrated how it should be successfully styled in a modern way: always with a tailored, but casual, suit. Still, he couldn’t help but lean slightly into the sleazy-chic feel of his hat, piling on the bracelets, by David Yurman, as though he were selling them by the roadside. But on him, it wasn’t so much sleazy as it was downright cool.

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